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Diat Foods India

Sugar Free Nut & Fruit Global Cake-500GM

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If You Love a Diabetic, Show It! Make Him Cry Surprise Him with Something He Dreams About. 

Send Him a Personalized & Fantastic Tasty Pure Butter Dry Fruit & Nut Cake 

Anywhere In The World 

DİÄT FOODS [INDIA] has launched a wide range of regular sweet products with sugar and products without sugar which are sweetened with 'Splenda', under the brand names "Sugarless Bliss" and "Blaue Fusse" to meet the needs of India's diabetic and health-conscious consumers. Indulge in Guilt-Free Delight with our Sugar-Free Cake. Are you craving a delicious cake without the guilt of excess sugar? Look no further! Our sugar-free cake is a perfect treat for those who are watching their sugar intake or simply seeking a healthier dessert option.

Sweetened with Splenda. Tea Time cake

Good Source of Fiber, Added Whey-Protein Concentrate