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Sugar Free & Digestive Cookies - Chocolate & Black Currant (200gms)

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Introducing our delightful creation: "Sugarless Bliss Digestive Cookies." These biscuits redefine indulgence with their exquisite taste, all while aligning with your health-conscious choices. Here's what sets them apart:

**Key Features:**

- **Sugar-Free Splendor:** Revel in the sweetness of life without the worry of added sugars. Our cookies are sweetened with Splenda, ensuring a guilt-free experience that lets you celebrate moments without compromising your dietary goals.

- **High Fiber Wellness:** Nourish your body with every bite. These cookies are infused with high fiber content, promoting digestive health and supporting your overall well-being.

- **Zero Cholesterol Assurance:** Embrace heart-healthy snacking without a trace of cholesterol. Our cookies are meticulously crafted to be completely cholesterol-free, making them a mindful choice for your cardiovascular health.

- **10 Essential Vitamins and Minerals:** Elevate your nutrient intake effortlessly. Packed with a blend of 10 vital vitamins and minerals, our cookies contribute to your daily vitality.

- **Trans Fat-Free Purity:** Indulge without concern. Our cookies are crafted with care to be entirely free from trans fats, ensuring you can savor every bite with a clear conscience.

- **Enchanting Flavors:** Choose between two enchanting flavors: the classic Chocolate or the delightful Black Currant. Each bite offers an explosion of taste that caters to your sweet cravings.

- **Stevia Touch:** Experience sweetness from nature's touch. We've incorporated low-stevia sugarless goodness, providing a natural hint of sweetness to your snacking moments.

- **Ideal for Dieters:** Whether it's a birthday celebration or a daily commitment to a healthier lifestyle, our Sugarless Bliss Digestive Cookies are the perfect companion for diet-conscious individuals.

Indulge in the joy of our Sugarless Bliss Digestive Cookies. Let every bite take you on a journey of flavor and well-being, with options that cater to your taste and your dietary needs. Elevate your snacking game and redefine delight with each delicious nibble.